No sound on ART tutorials - intended?

Hello, on Alberto’s ART video tutorials such as this I don’t get any sound (that’s not Youtube by the way). I turned sound off and on in the video by right click menu, in Firefox and Edge, but there is no sound. Is there meant to be sound? The loudspeaker symbol in the bottom right is always on “off” and can’t be turned on.

Also, there is no sound on Alexander’s ART tutorials on Youtube as introduced here in this forum. There is no sound

  • playing embedded here in this forum
  • playing on the YT site

If on YT I switch to another suggested video (while staying in the same tab), sound is there! Also the commercials ahead of the video are noisy. But not Alexander’s video itself (tried in Firefox and Edge). For instance not on Alexander’s video on this Youtube page. The video is not muted and the tab is not muted.

Is there meant to be no sound? Again, I do hear sound anywhere else, including in YT in the tab where Alexander’s video remained silent, even in the commercial ahead of the main video.


I confirm there’s no sound in my videos, sorry.
In general, if you are looking for commercial-quality documentation, you are going to be disappointed I’m afraid (except perhaps for the tutorial series by @carafife, if you speak French…)



I apologize, it is indeed not clear if there should or shouldn’t be any sound in my videos. I confirm that there is no sound, intentionally. As for why - I simply don’t feel confident enough (and also a bit lazy) to make a commentary speech in English. And I don’t want to add anything else like music to fill the silence (as a personal preference).

Alexander, thanks for clarifying!