no sudo in my debian system - how to proceed with install?

I installed my debian systems by entering a root password - I like root and user beeing two separate accounts.

But when running I am asked to enter the root password for “sudo”. Neither root nor user password obviously are successful.
How can I solve this?

Just log in as root, then enter any command that requires ‘sudo’ without ‘sudo’.

I thought about this but as far as I understand the installer script is meant to run on a user level. At some point the script obviously wants to install some dependencies and asks für the [sudo] password …
I don’t know if it’s a good idea to run the complete script as root (?).

You cannot run the script as root, because it’s a really bad idea to do so.

You have two choices:

  1. install sudo and then uninstall it when you’re done installing Rapid Photo Downloader
  2. Manually run every command yourself that would otherwise require sudo to run, i.e all the Debian package installation requirements. If it does not need to be run, then the install script won’t prompt you to run it. The only exception is copying the man pages at the end, which you may not care about in any case.

thanks - I’ll have a look into that (and the inside of the installer).

Don’t forget you can run the installer in interactive mode, where it will prompt you for everything thing it will do before it does it. That way you don’t need to worry about it doing something behind your back that you may not like.