"No supported device" Win 7 64

Good morning girls and guys

I just want to try Siril, cause I heard of it yesterday.
I downloaded the zip file, extracted to my harddrive, klicked siril.exe and…
“No supported device …”
The device path is: drive (german: Laufwerk) \device\Haddisk7\DR7

The program works (as fare as i could see with klicking around),
but the window stays at front of the screen and is annoying.
Any suggestions?

Thank for the program at all, I like to have new fee tools, to opperate with.

Hello and welcome,
this is a common problem with GTK+ on windows unfortunately, we cannot fix it. It happens when there are some unused drives on the computer, like card reader, or some other USB devices maybe. If you eject or disconnect everything that you don’t use, it should not happen…

@heckflosse, and others, are you aware of this kind of issue on Windows?
We’ve always had this problem but I can’t reproduce it on Windows.

Hmmm, maybe this


for reference

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Nice! Thank you!

!!! We have a problem, you have a solution.
Many thanks :D.

Honestly, as you can see in the github issue, it was @gaaned92, who fixed that in RT :wink:

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Sure, But I ask you for a solution and you give me a patch !!
We do appreciate it so much.

@Technohell: then, your bug should be fixed in the next release.


Perfect, so I don’t have to be sad about the weather and clouds.
It’s better they stay in the sky till the next update. :wink: