Noise difference between Electronic (12 bit) and Mechanical (14 bit) Shutter

just wanted to report on this issue.
I’ve been shooting mostly with the ES lately even if I knew that noise would be a bit higher than with MS. I didn’t know that the difference is due to the fact that the bit depth changes from 14 to 12 to speed up pixel reading in ES.
Here is a simple test shot of the same scene with the same parameters except for the MS to ES switch. On the left MS 14 bit.

I always forget to tell about my camera: a Fuji X-T30

Ciao Marco!

Do you find the same difference if you develop the RAFs
in other “developers”? For instance Silkypix Fuji RFC, C1P Fuji, or in
Fuji X Raw Studio? Or perhaps in Adobe’s DNG converter?

Have fun,
Claes in Lund, Sweden

PS: Are you located at JM49JN?
If so: greetings from JO65OR!

Hi Claes!
I just tried with darktable and RT under linux. I should have a working copy of Capture One under Win, but I never use it… I don’t see why it should differ, but if I happen to be under win I’ll try it.

Yup, I’m at that location :wink:
How do you know it? You’re a user?

Yes, this is a common occurrence.

In order to get a handholdable shutter scan time, they speed up the readout and that causes an increase in read noise.