Noise in RawTherapee

I love RawTherapee but I don’t seem to handle noise very easily.
With RAW files from my canon 450d, 60d and my new Sony a6000 I always seem to have trouble removing noise.

Is there a one click button. In darktable I just click the denoise button and hehe presto no noise.

Am I missing a trick? Is there a denoise equivalent .

I faff around with wavelet nose reduction but I have to push the sliders quite away across to remove the said noise.

I have searched here and the web for an easier nose reduction work flow.

My photos are shot on relatively low iso and the noise bit of RawTherapee is restricting when I use it.

Thanks in anticipation of your help.

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Sharpening is known to amplify noses, so be sure to turn off sharpening when enabling nose reduction.

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Hi, do you have a sample raw that shows the problem and your expected output (e.g. the result from darktable)?

Hi Phil,

I tend to leave chrominance to “automatic global”, for luminance, I like to change the method to “Lab”, control to “Slider” and then apply a large amount of reduction 50-95 but set “luminance - detail” high also, 80-95. For me this allows for more subtle noise removal, with the remaining noise having a nicer characteristic. It doesn’t take too much practise with this method to become quite quick. Generally, reduce until there is no sign of any noise, then start with detail at 95, reducing until results look good. Remembering to view at 100% or with 100% detail windows open.

HTH James


Thanks everyone.
I think I need to read the theory of noise reduction up a bit :grinning:
I was hoping for a one click solution a la profiled denoise in darktable.
I have a question about canon raw files blue colours in DT that I will post tonight

You can just save your preferable denoise parameters as a profile and apply it as soon as you need it
(I mean the selective saving - (Ctrl) + (Save profile button) )

I strongly agree with @LZ1 - find a setting you like and save it as a permanent custom profile. I do this now with one click and then save out the result as a 16-bit TIFF.

I find RT’s noise removal it’s best feature. I didn’t find the doc’s much help in using it - some years ago. A web page put it over in a different fashion which helped and then it was a case of playing with the sliders. You might say one covers the size of the noise that is removed and another the amount of removal. Others account for colour and can be used to balance that aspect up. As it’s removed you might see a colour imbalance in the removal. Other sliders - play with them and see what they do.

Different shots can have differing sizes of noise removed so it’s easier to use on some shots than others. As it can remove detail if it’s small enough noise removal of any type has a bit of a problem on some shots. It’s also best to remember that the simple process of reducing a shot to it’s final size can make noise a lot less apparent or even more or less remove it completely. In some cases the GIMP selection and differing styles of noise removal on different areas in a shot might be the best option or even blending 2 layers of the same shot, one sharpened and one as is.


If you post an example raw file (one that is typical), maybe someone in here will give it a try, and then give you back the .pp3 file (that’s the file with the denoising settings). And if you like the result, you can save those settings… or just a part of them.

This has been done before in this forum, and I think people came up with pretty good settings.