Noise reduction in Siril 1.2

In the Siril 1.2 documentation it is suggested that to remove chrominance noise it is preferable to use GIMP. Are you referring to the method of LBA decomposition and Gaussian dithering of channels A and B, with subsequent recombination? Another method?

At another point it talks about OSC images. I don’t know if I have interpreted correctly what it advises. Do you recommend removing noise in Siril on the luminance and in GIMP on the chrominance?

The documentation 1.2 is not done yet. We are working on it now.
That being said, the problem with OSC images is complex. Because the algorithm we use, which work great for monochrome images, will be less good with OSC images. Why? Because the debayer process change the gaussian noise profile of the image, therefore the algorithm is less performant.

Nope, because once it has been debayered there’s nothing we can do. We recommend to try denoiser in other software for OSC images if the result is Siril is not good enough.