noob composite question(solved)


Hello everyone!
i’m a total noob and and this is my question…
i tried compositing a pic on top of a video using the merge node and the results like a 50% opacity thing going on, They’re both rgb files. How do you get the solid look without the tranparency? You don’t wanna know what i did to try and fix it cause they’re just so …anyway, please help so i can continue learning from the toturial that i have. Thanks in advance!

(Frédéric Devernay) #2

If there’s no alpha channel in your files, then how could merge guess which areas are solid and which are transparent?
your “pic” should be RGBA for merge to work. set the “output components” in the read node to RGBA

(Chris Tempel) #3

I made a video about merging in Natron a while back. Hope it helps


Thanks! I think i’m finally starting to get the hang of alpha channels haha. I think the reason i got so frustrated was because i’ve tried switching to rgba in the output components but it didn’t work. After watching Chris’ video i found out that you have to manually check the alpha in the merge node due to some nature of Natron.


Man…you have no idea how much i appreciate this…
I’m a beginner, and i can’t say how frustrated i was going in to the read node switching to rgba with no results. Your tutorial was so thorough that even a noob like me could understand. Now thats what i call a tutorial! Thank you so much and now i can finally move on. hahaha

(Chris Tempel) #6

Glad it was helpful!