Not a Number NaN Values error


I often get a NaN error : merge1 rendering rectangle contains NaN values. They have bben converted to 1.

Is that a problem I can ignore or shall I fix it some way?

THank you in advance.

NaN values are automaticly converted by Natron.
So, no need to bother with that.

Thank you Fabio17!

I will go on and learn more!


Most of the times getting NaNs mean that either something is wrong in your graph, or there is a bug somewhere in Natron or it’s plugins. If the graph is small enough, you can attach a project file and we can take a look at it.
Typical instructions that create NaNs are dividing zero by zero, and taking the square root of a negative number

Thank you Devernay…here there are

It is not possible to upload a Natron project file.

Thank you for your help!