Not able to zoom (Garuda/Arch Linux, AMD GPU, vkdt Master 0.5.99)

Good day.

I’m aware of parameter ‘intgui/lod:1’ → put ‘4’ in. But, unfortunately, doesn’t help.

Running vkdt -d all shows a lot of VK_TIMEOUTS.

Same effect with vkdt 0.5.0 which comes with Garduda/Arch Linux.

My hope was that 0.5.99 solves this issue.

Any hint’s?

Thank you.

Which vulkan stack and GPU exactly?

what K-1 said. also, can you show/upload the console output (of at least vkdt -d qvk)? and vkdt --version ?

since for amd the driver situation is a bit messy, which driver are you using exactly?

vkdt 0.5.9999-107-ga65d28cc (c) 2020–2023 johannes hanika

vkdt_d_qvk.txt (6.1 KB)

vulkan.txt (62.0 KB)

Is this sufficient? I’m just a user, not a Linux expert.

(vkdt is not using opencl or kde…)

i’m guessing that is the amdgpu driver?

and the gpu seems to be the integrated one in a ryzen 5700G?

i mean this is pretty close to “no gpu” but should still at least do something at all. from your console output i’m guessing you didn’t really do anything and it already runs into timeouts just in plain lighttable mode?

do any other vulkan demos run at all?

The driver comes with Arch, nothing special from AMD directly.

GPU = integrated, yes.

Just starting vkdt, lighttable. The timeouts occure. Then doubleclick on a picture und trying to zoom with the mouse wheel. that’s all.

darktable 4.2 runs absolutely fine with this driver setup so I won’t change it. I was glad to get OpenCL up and running.

Vulkan demos: vkcube runs w/o issues.

Besides the issue with zoom vkdt runs absolutely perfect.

vkdt 0.5.9999-168-g30423c7a (c) 2020–2023 johannes hanika:

Zoom is OK now. Nothing else changed.

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