Not receiving email notices

It took a while to notice that I am no longer receiving notices :frowning: .
I elected to have a message sent to a different email address. It has never arrived.

I assume some change has been made to your delivery service to provide better security with the effect of no longer sending me emails; this has happened to me before.

Would you review your logs to determine if this is true?

Have you checked your spam folder? Whonis your email host?

I’m having the same issue, have it for a while now, and had a PM conversation about this with darix (and cc-ed pat). The e-mail is most probably being stopped by the ISP.

And as-is this issue will only get worse for other users in the future.

There is a solution to all this, this from the conversation I had with my ISP:

Dear Sir, Madam (JD),

The email messages arrive in the spam box because the domain
does not comply with the DMARC policy. The administrator of the domain should sort this out after which the messages will arrive in your
inbox as usual.

Kind regards,
Team Abuse

Incident number is : 221204-00XXXXX

I mentioned this in the PM chat I had 4-5 months ago, but haven’t heard anything from the pixls team.

We host our own mail server, <>. I have checked our servers’ logs. There is not a hint of “pix” anywhere.

A message was simply not sent. It is not a case of being rejected as SPAM, or SPF or DMARC failures.

There is another possibility, the email address you provided has an error in it, and someone else is getting spammed with the email notices. :open_mouth:

Neither the original email address, which was fine for years, and the new address, have errors.

I just viewed the log for your account. 9 days ago the system revoked your mail until 2023-05-10 04:21:21 UTC.

This happened 3 times before.

I have no idea why and how to fix that (I am not that kind of admin), but the problem is not at your side. Unless you clicked somewhere… :wink:

Magically, all of the messages since 17-apr-2023 have suddenly appeared, all at once.

For now, all is good.

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Nice to hear!

You could have a peek at the mail headers to see where they got stuck - or you just knock on wood and call it a glitch. :grinning: