Notable FL/OSS Photographers

I thought it might be helpful to start a list of notable Free Software photographers.

One, to hopefully stand as a source of inspiration for others (and as examples of stellar work being done).
Two, to possibly create a list of people to approach about showcasing on the main site with either tutorials or their works overall.

Here’s a quick take at a few people that I (patdavid) enjoy (in no particular order):

Rosie Hardy
rosiehardy | Flickr
Rise | This is the second final shot from my Rehab with Rosi… | Flickr

Christopher Mark Perez
Christopher Perez | Flickr
Three Phases of Baron Samedi | Oh tortured spirits. How do y… | Flickr

Kevin Cool
Kev Cool | Flickr
Villainous | Model: Goldie Red Designer: Dawnamatrix Designs… | Flickr

Ian Hex

Aaron Tyree

Brian Beck
Album on G+

Riley Brandt (thx @Carmelo_DrRaw)

Magic Owen Photography (h/t @devel) (ModelMayhem)

Luc Viatour (ty @Costalfy)

There are certainly not everyone, just the first take at a list…
Please feel free to add to this list if anyone stands out to you!

Very interesting list! It is always instructive to see what professional people can achieve with the same tools we use everyday…

Maybe one could add Riley Brandt to the list?

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Added! Can’t believe I forgot about him… Thanks for the heads up! here’s one I came across on Pinterest.

Apparently she uses an OM-D and a 12-50 Olympus lens + a Leica 1:2.8/45 macro lens, lensbaby products, Linux workstation running Gimp/Darktable, and bowens lighting.

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Great find! I’ll add her to the list a little later today.

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Oh hey, ta for adding me to this.

Luc Viatour is a photographer from Belgium and he works only with F/OSS

@Costalfy thanks for the tip, just added him! :slight_smile: