November trees in the park

Quick snap while I was walking home from work:

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Darktable 4.0.1

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Quick edit with sigmoid and a few modules with only a little vibrance in CB and as shot WB… looks nice and natural…

FUJI2681.RAF.xmp (10.6 KB)


I did what was for me a standard edit in Darktable without referring to the posted image for comparison. But frustratingly the screen grab I post here loses the sharpness of my edit. Hmm…not sure what to do about that.
FUJI2681.RAF.xmp (7.2 KB)


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Now I am testing the look of a jpg exported at 25% of size as a comparison. Please forgive my tests here, but @priort I notice your file is just 4.27 MB and has good sharpness. What is your secret to doing this as my full size jpg is 14MB and slow to upload and reducing the size of the image to 25% has not worked well for me. Thanks in advance.

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No idea this is what I use…

I have found in the past that looking on my monitor at full size the detail level is matched by an export set to 0.25 scale…

The detail level seen in noise grain and sharpness tends to be most faithful to what I see at 100%… So you could start there… look at some area at 100% preview and then check that area on your export…?? Otherwise not idea…

I notice you export at 80% quality and maybe that reduces the file size with little detriment to the posted image. Thanks for the response. I usually just do a screen grab and it seemed to do the job, but today I really noticed the loss of sharpness in my posted image. I also look forward to trying the Sigmoid function when it appears in one of the weekly windows builds.

My take on this. Nice picture btw…

FUJI2681.RAF.xmp (47.9 KB)

I love how the new sigmoid module is encouraging me to try new edits. The module is presenting more pleasing colors for my personal taste.


My version…

FUJI2681.RAF.xmp (14.0 KB)


Beautiful X-T1 colours… Impressed every time :laughing:

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And now I made similar trick as I did with masking multiple exposure modules in darktable, but developing the same RAW in-camera with different push & pull EV stops and masking layers this time (in Affinity Photo):


Thanks for posting
darktable 4.0.1

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