Now I finally understand...!

It took some time, but now, at last, I understand why
the link is called Pat David’s film emulation luts
(Ref: Color Manipulation with the Colour Checker LUT Module)

Just select any of the emulations, and all you’ll see is Pat David!

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


I do not recommend this. I am a horrible model! :slight_smile: Use the woman instead!

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is there a simple command to run an image through all the film emulation scripts to create such previews?

You could write a bash for loop to do that.

If you’re using it from the GIMP plugin, @David_Tschumperle already includes a way to generate thumbnail previews of all of the emulations in a collection. Have you tried that?

It should work from the command line also. I’m traveling in Austin right now, or I’d check real quick for you.

Ah, I was running an old version (never noticed that my gimp settings were copied to .config/GIMP/2.9, so kept “updating” gmic in ~/.gimp-2.9), now I see a “collage” menu :slight_smile:

But $ gmic --help|grep -e collage -e film gives no hits – how would I use that from the command line? I would like all the collages at once :slight_smile:

I don’t think it will do all of them at once, but I’ll defer to @David_Tschumperle on that.

If you set the “Output Messages” to “Verbose (Layer Name)” the command used to generate that filter effect will be visible as the layer name in GIMP. For the B&W film emulation collages:

[G'MIC] B&W films - collage: -gimp_emulate_film_collage_bw 512,4,16,0

nice, thanks! That’s a very useful tip …