Now you can support G'MIC financially by donating!


(Jehan) #1

G’MIC has just joined LILA, the non-profit organization (based in France) which also supports our project ZeMarmot (cf. the announcement about G’MIC). The goal, clear and sound, is to be able to support G’MIC financially with donations thanks to LILA’s legal status (one of the objectives of this non-profit is to support Free Software for creative purpose, which is exactly what is G’MIC! :smile: ).

So what it means is that if you love G’MIC, use it regularly, need it for your work, your hobby or whatnot, and want it to strive for perfection, you are more than welcome to donate now. :partying_face:

I was not planning to leave a message about it here, but I see that @David_Tschumperle is so shy that he just edited a many month-old thread about G’MIC to announce such a big news! So here is my attempt to weigh the balance in favor of their funding. :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit more context

You may know already that G’MIC is developed partly in the context of a French research laboratory (and a lot on @David_Tschumperle and Sébastien Fourey free time). Thus first you may wonder why it needs LILA. The laboratory cannot receive donation, so they came into an agreement with LILA to transform the donation money into research collaboration contracts (just a fancy way to say that your money goes into G’MIC development).

You might also wonder why would G’MIC needs your money if it is backed by a big lab? First, research (in France at least) is not as fancy and full of money as you might imagine. It’s actually kind of hard to make ends meet. Second, let’s let the demise of Natron be a good lesson to not be forgetful of the past: any technology can disappear any day even though it may be have been backed the day before by some big public laboratory, company or whatnot. This is where funding through a non-profit may be pave the way for a bright future by preparing for all eventualities. :smiley:

So here it is! Now you are more than welcome to show your love to G’MIC if you wish it to go forward!

(Mica) #2

Indeed this is fantastic news! I’d urge anyone who can comfortably afford it to donate a few monies to the projects you use!

(Mike Bing) #3

Just put in a little token of appreciation! Thanks for the option to donate.

(Jehan) #4

Thanks a lot @Mike_Bing, on behalf of the G’MIC developers! They deserve it. :smiley:

You are currently the first and only donator, as far as we know. Let’s see how things go in the future…

(hover) #5

Would it be possible to combine GMIC with GIMP’s UI to be as fast as GIMP’s filters?

(Jehan) #6

As far as I know, it’s a future plan, yes. Basically it would require to make G’MIC filters as GEGL operations. That would clearly make the G’MIC filters so much more interesting. We all agree! :slight_smile:


I would rather have a neutral api seeing as G’MIC is way past the stage where it’s just GIMP support though G’MIC is obviously most supported for GIMP nowaday. There’s a lot of things I’d like to see in G’MIC though for some technical reason, it might not happen soon or at all. I would love to see easy-to-implement non-destructive link to G’MIC filters, so that would benefit pretty much almost every app that supports G’MIC.


@hover @Reptorian you are kind of off-topic… maybe a new thread is in order for sharing our electric dreams…

(Jehan) #9

@paperdigits or @patdavid: maybe it would be nice for the G’MIC project if this thread were made sticky and always visible to the top?

(G'MIC staff) #10

I can do that, at least for the G’MIC category.

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