nVidia driver and Linux kernel 5.9

nVidia is advising that their driver is not compatible with Linux kernel 5.9. They expect to have it fixed by mid-November. It specifically has to do with Cuda processing (openCL), so this impacts image processing.


I think Nvidia still have not fixed their driver, have they?

It is working for me, but others say there are still problems. Plus, there is another problem with stuttering and hanging due to memory management, but that problem has not affected me, either.

Did you install the 455 .bin from the Nvidia website?

No, I get it from the Arch Linux package repository, but I’m pretty sure they do not modify it.

Also, the most recent few versions of nvidia have been tightly coupled with certain Linux kernel versions.

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that’s interesting. I wasn’t able to install the 455 .run from the nvidia website on Debian testing.

i added the experimental apt sources to my sid for this 455 driver. it works and does vulkan, but no opencl. :confused:

There is a new Linux nvidia driver: 455.45.01. I am using it in Arch Linux with kernel 5.9.9. Everything seems good and openCL is working.

I believe this to be the “fixed” Linux driver nVidia was promising for mid-November.

It’s the same driver that I tried to install and that’s in the Debian experimental repo.

I can confirm that opencl is functional on Arch (Arco Linux) with Nvidia graphics and the 5.9 kernel.

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