NVidia quadro K2100M seems not working

(Tommaso Furieri) #1

Hi. I just installed darktable on windows 10 (previously i had it on Ubuntu 18.04).
The setup worked fine. Then, because i had the feeling that the work speed was slower than on ubuntu, i checked the task manager to see if my graphic card were in use.

I found out that during the processing time, the only unit that was working was the processor. Then i tryed to open the NVidia control panel and to setup darktable to use the Nvidia graphics card, but without any succes.

Given the fact that in ubuntu it worked fine, i was wandering if i could make it work in windows.

Of course in darktable the box “Use Open CL” is checked.

Thanks to eveybody that can give me a help to solve it!

(Tommaso Furieri) #2

Nobody can give me a hand?

(Mica) #3

Isn’t that a relatively old card? If dark table thinks the card is too slow, it just won’t use it.

(Tommaso Furieri) #4

Well, so why it uses it under ubuntu but not under windows?


There are, so it looks to me, two sets of drivers available on Nvidia’s site (QNF and ODE). You might want to try both, always with a clean installation.

(Tommaso Furieri) #6

i’ll give it a try! thanks