OCIO Display Filmic sRGB view Transform is missing

Since last update (2.4.3) OCIO Display does not allow to select “Filmic sRGB” view transform, nor Display Device as DCI-P3


This were how it looked like back in 2.4.1

I’m still able to use Filmic sRGB in Write nodes, or OCIO ColorSpace; and the “blender” config.ocio remains the same. So I assume that the issue is with OCIO Display node.

Is this a bug? I haven’t seen anything about it in the changelog.

Windows version of Natron moved from OCIO1 to OCIO2.

Probably? I don’t know how OCIO generates the list of devices/transform.

I don’t have access to Mac/Linux today, could someone check if the issue is the same there?

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It’s the same on all platforms.

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