Odd behaviour in v1.22.1 slider adjusters

I found a small bug when using the plus and minus buttons to fine tune a slider in v1.22.1 and wondered if anyone else has encountered it.
If I use the plus or minus button on a slider I can click it a few times before it resets to zero - this doesn’t matter where the slider is, it always resets to zero.
I’ve tried to record a video showing it happening so hopefully it’ll attach here ok.

Seems, you didn’t activate the tool, to see the changes…

This has already been fixed for the next version.



@apostel338 Great stuff, just not seen a bug report so wanted to make sure it was covered.

@marter - behaviour is the same whether enabled or not so just used that as the demo so I could post it.

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the new behaviour of the sliders when double-clicking is … well, not what i’d expect.
When i try to double-click in the numeric input field for e.g. “Temperature” in the “White Balance” tool it will reset to default on the first double-click and only the second double-click selects the numeric value to overwrite it.

Additionally not the whole area of the up/down buttons is excluded from the “double-click to reset” behaviour. I encountered an issue at the “Exposure Correction” that when clicking on the right part of the “+” button it will still reset to 0.
Addendum: seems to be the same for the Tone Equalizer. First double-click resets to default, second double-click selects the value.

To be honest - in the current state, i’d really like to get rid of that behaviour completely. The reset button that is accompanied at every slider seems enough for me.

Memo to self (for next time): trying to make everyone happy makes everybody unhappy :slight_smile:
I will kill the behaviour (Leaving the double click only on the slider, not on the text area). And I will ignore any subsequent request and/or complaint about this (note @guzzisti this is not directed at you, it’s just a general remark)


Feel you. :slight_smile:

Thanks you very much for this final adjustment, the new behaviour works without interfering with how i usually interact with the tools.

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