Odd display problem in darktable - solved (I think)

Anyone know why my darkroom display is looking like this?

If I adjust the zoom in or out, or switch on the color assessment mode it comes good, but the problem returns when I set the zoom level back to fit to windows.
The problem has just appeared on my Win10 laptop. I’ve just tried a few different images, and it seems specific to my Nikon files. But only on this machine, not the Win11 desktop.
Aha! I remembered that I recently enabled OpenCL support by following the steps on a thread I found, to bypass the blacklisting (I think) I quickly discovered that on my low-powered laptop with a Celeron and embedded graphics it doesn’t do any good to performance, but I left it turned on. I just turned it off, and everything is displaying properly.
I supposed if I’m going to enable things that were disabled for a reson I should expect problems :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :grinning: