(Off-topic) Natron v Nuke v Fusion: simple tracking


I’m new to Natron and Nuke. I was using a tutorial file by Foundry for their software Nuke to test the tracker function using the default settings in Natron, Nuke and Fusion.

Page 1787: https://thefoundry.s3.amazonaws.com/products/nuke/releases/12.1v2/Nuke12.1v2_UserGuide.pdf

Here is the result: https://youtu.be/18rivydgRd0

  • Natron (free): super fast.
  • Nuke (non-commercial): can’t do it (the turorial file was made for it).
  • Fusion (free version, Davinci Resolve built-in): slower than Natron.

Of course Nuke can do better if we tweak the settings. And Nuke has a lot more stuffs than just tracker. I’m just thinking about the value/price. I read posts and I know why the maintaners don’t want to open donation. The people behind Natron are the real heroes.