OIDN Intel Denoiser

Hi folks, Anyone working on OIDN OFX for Natron here? Thanks.

As somebody who’s used OIDN once or twice before I can’t really see how it would be useful as a Natron plugin. Denoising CG is typically something that is done as a post-process job applied to already rendered frames on the farm, not in the comp software. It also comes with massive overhead (compared to other effects anyways, it’s not that slow) and should probably be done before your comp work anyhow.

In any case if you need to use it you can find downloads here.

i am well aware of that :slight_smile: Just asking if someone has engaged to built the bindings. Otherwise I will attempt to do one.
It can be useful as Natron has a cache system with 32bit float [DiscCache]. So a batch on EXR will help non-headless users. At least my studio artists are asking for it. So let’s see.


Ah, if a GUI is what you’re after you may find this helpful, it’s made with Renderman in mind but has an OIDN front end as well. Keep in mind you’ll need the command line app installed as well but it will provide a bit of a nicer experience.

If that doesn’t do the trick then yeah, looks like you’re stuck making one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unfortunately against the pipeline. They will be upset :joy: Although seems like a nice set of tools. Thanks for the link.

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Checks out haha, I just use that at home where I have no farm to think about :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!

I’m not aware of anyone working on an OIDN plugin for Natron as of yet.
I agree with Hank that OIDN might get heavy but I think it might be a good addition to Natron. I haven’t tried any of the existing denoising nodes in Natron with renders, only with camera footage. Like Hank said, renders are usually denoised at the renderfarm. However, looking at the approach Blender took with the denoise node in the compositor, I think it would be similar to have something like that in Natron IF it takes at least the avg shading normal (denoising normal), albedo and Zdepth passes into account while denoising… OIDN doesnt produce the best results when only using the noisy image.

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