Olympus / OM system OM-5 effective denoise & sharpening

Anyone found a good set of module - parameters to optimally denoise and sharpen OM-5 raw images?

I am currently using

  • denoise (profiled) / non local means auto (strength = 0.08)
  • diffuse or sharpen (sharpen demosaicing: AA filter, edge management / sharpness +8%)

Are there noise profiles for that camera (for use by denoise profiled) ?

And, more importantly, how do you define “optimal” for denoising and sharpening? In general, the more you sharpen, the more visible the noise is, and denoising blurs the image, so they pull in opposite directions.
nd a bit of fine-grained noise can give an impression of increased sharpness…

(And for real fun, I find that the optimum for denoising and sharpening also depends on the image)

I haven’t really tried, but knowing the camera, you could probably get by with using the noise profiles for the E-M5 mark3. They’re basically the same, right?

Uhm …

  • I thought that as the sensor is the same as the E-M5 Mark III the profiles were already in place: I checked noiseprofiles.json and they are NOT there. Would it suffice to ‘copy’ the E-M5 Mark III ones into a properly named new entry?
  • optimal … eh eh … I was sloppy in phrasing, and of course I cannot but agree on your remarks and I know that one could embark on an endless discussion and that the optimal balance is subjective, at least up to a point. The photos I am interested in are landscape/architecture/macro with a ‘balanced’ exposure (no high/low key images): this means there can be quite extended areas with detail to be preserved but also extended areas where detail is missing. I would like to get an acceptable first attempt that I can eventually refine on a case by case basis.

from what I know on the sensors they should be the same in fact