OM System 12-45 pro lens not recognized [SOLVED]

Hi, the camera kit lens of my new OM-5 is not recognized from the lens correction module which, it seems to me, uses the old Olympus branding name: if I manually select the lens, correction is properly applied though.

I have read that it should by possible to provide lens name mapping information via an exiv2.ini (I am working on Windows 10): is this right? Is there any example sufficiently detailed to enable me to to my custom mapping?

Thanks for ant hint,

Indeed, there is currently only one lens in the lensfun database w/ the new “OM System” brand: lensfun/data/db/om-system.xml at c838e285af0909f37017a670f6ec95804f66dc97 · lensfun/lensfun · GitHub

Please consider making a request there - either for a copy (which you can already test by editing the relevant xml files on your system), or provide a new calibration if needed.


I downloaded the db section of lensfun and found that the lens is stored in the mil-olympus.xml file with the Olympus branding denomination.
Do I get it right that all I have to do is to copy its entry and paste (modifying the name) into


Thanks a lot!

Right idea, but I did say copy between xml files on your system. The downloaded ones won’t work as they have a somewhat different syntax (“version 2” of the database).

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