On Kickstarter: a self-leveling tripod!

Hello, today I saw this link on Kickstarter, it’s about an auto-leveling tripod and I think this is amazing!

Makes me wonder why no one ever before came up with something like this.

Bit pricey though (but you don’t need to buy a level head).

Disclaimer: I’ve nothing to do with this company.

Seems like a cool gimmick, but I dunno how useful this would actually be in practice.

I just use the camera’s in build level and my ball head. I’m usually done faster than the tripod in the video.


I have to wonder how much Benro really believes in the concept… Otherwise why is it on Kickstarter rather than via their usual internally funded R&D channels?

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Now, if it would follow you around, THAT would be innovative :joy:

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Sometimes they do this to create buzz, but yeah

I use a leveling head. I don’t need all the angles of a ball head, and the leveling head is more stable, because the (virtual) pivot axis is much closer to the camera’s CoG (it is also lighter and less bulky).

It would have been perfect with a rotating head for panoramas…

Battery + motors = weight. I will pass.

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What puzzles me is, why an established, well known company needs to “crowd source” a project? Gitzo did something similar a while back. So did Sirui. Cheap promotion comes to mind.


I’ve never heard of Benro… the similarity of name with Benbo strikes me as a little odd…?

Ok… Benro do seem to be real! Just me who hadn’t heard. :smile:

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Benro is probably one of the top 5 tripod companies. Some pretty high end stuff.


I must have lived under a rock… or maybe the fact my newest tripod is worth $30 has something to do with it. :blush: Meaning I don’t use them much!

Not a photog, but I do know where a lot of them hang out (DPR and FredMiranda’s site) and shared the link to this at both sites. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. The smaller unit is 1.25kg, in the same ballpark as a 2-person (ultralight) tent. Ok for a few hours, very heavy for day hike, out of the question for multi-day trekking.

Maybe it would be helpful for those with mobility/motor-function challenges?


Yes that is true. Or perhaps helpful when its really cold out, so you can keep you hands jn your pockets longer.