On MacOS some popup windows loose their content when beeing resized

On MacOS Ventura 13.6.1 popup windows are sometime loosing their content when being resized then it’s possible to bring the content of the window back resizing it again.
I found a similar issue in the GNOME gtk gitlab and posted a comment there: On macOS 14 windows sometimes disappear when resized (#6178) · Issues · GNOME / gtk · GitLab

The issue was closed on gitlab because this is really a issue with GTK3 and nothing could be done here.

I have seen this issue for a while now. I am using Sonoma 14.5 on a M1 based Macbook pro. I think this issue comes when I open another window and come back to the previous one. eg. Open GHS window, switch to (say) Photometric calibration, close this window down and come back to the GHS window.