On the news: KodakOne

This might interest some folks: http://kodakcoin.com/

KodakOne is a revolutionary new image rights management and protection platform secured in the blockchain that seamlessly registers, manages and monetizes creative assets for the photographic community.

At the least, anyone holding Kodak stock today will be happy,


But those stock holders will be sad in a month or so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


they even spiked the stock of total non IT companies by just mentioning “blockchain” in some press release.

Which is why I tagged blockchain. To bring the world to discuss.


Good idea!

Learning from the best.


There was a thread on reddit about this as well that was interesting.
The idea of smart contracts as part of the blockchain makes things interesting (esp. the idea of a stock agency w/o the middleman, via contracts and payments within the blockchain).

so… where are those pixlscoins ?


The typos and grammatical errors at the linked KodakOne site really help to instill confidence in this new venture. :roll_eyes:

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Someone pointed out somewhere that they really dropped the ball by not calling it Kodacoin (riff on Kodachrome?). :smiley:

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It is disheartening to witness how such once colour giants are degrading to gollums :sleepy:

Kodak history:
110 format: fiasco
126 format: fiasco
disk format: fiasco
photo cd: fiasco
numeric cameras: fiasco

all this paid (by us) with radiology films etc

They sold off their medical branch a while ago, it is now CareStream.