Once more the breach ... cliche, but still exciting

So I had a 4-day work trip with most of Saturday free for me. I’ve always been reluctant about the idea of getting on board a smallish vessel crowded with tourists, but a colleague strongly recommended it due to being peak season, and favourable wind/weather/tide conditions. I was glad to have packed a spare battery and memory card! I was also glad for some less crowded time on the front deck as we cruised back to port at high speed.

Not quite the Henry V quote from Shakespeare, but that speech - which I learned 42 years ago - sticks with me still.

The subject actually makes for some tricky processing - the whites are very white, so highlights were an issue. This is my favourite capture of the trip.


Its fantastic, a sight to behold, I’m sure!

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Beautiful…the purity of the white is spectacular.

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