One Particular Keyword Tag Freezes digiKam

I have this one keyword tag that, when I right-click and choose anything from the right-click menu, such as New Tag or Properties, absolutely nothing happens and digiKam freezes.
No amount of waiting will bring about a response.
The only way to regain control is to use Task Manager to force shut-down digiKam.
All tags above and below in the heirarchy work fine.
The tag is like so:
Tags > Transportation > Truck > Freightliner > Freightliner Conventional(the problem tag)
Numerous sub-tags and sub-sub-tags and so forth reside below this problem tag and all of them work fine.
I even found that, if I wish to create a new sub-tag below the problem tag, I can create my new tag in any other tag above or below the problem tag and then move it to the problem tag.
This work-around works fine.

I know this is a tough one to troubleshoot.

There may be other tags lurking within my tag tree that will also freeze the program, but I haven’t yet stumbled upon them.

I can most likely create a brand-new Freightliner Conventional tag and move all of my many sub-tags to it; however, I would like to know the what and why of this problem and maybe even how to fix it if there is a fix.

There is no little blue spinning circle; in fact, digiKam appears as if nothing whatsoever is amiss; however, nothing anywhere on the screen will respond to anything at all.

Has anyone else ran into the same situation where any attempts to edit a tag via the right-click menu freezes the program ?

If you want to know the what and why, you’ll need to start by reproducing the issue with the most verbose debugging available.

Thanks for responding.
How do I go about this debugging ?
To reproduce, all I need do is right-click that particular tag and click on a selection from the right-click menu; so far, that has reproduced the situation 100% of the time.
The right-click menu does disappear once I click within it and from that point on the program is frozen.

I have not yet tried to see what the outcome will be if I right-click and just click somewhere else without making a choice to see if that also causes the freeze up.