Open CL Darktable Ryzen 7040 series

Did a search, both here and online, and I seem to be going in circles.

Running Fedora 39 on a new framwork Ryzen 7040 series laptop that has that AMD “on board graphics”. The CPu is very fast, and it doesn’t seem to “lag”, however, I thought I would try to get the OpenCL running as well.

Running Clinfo yeilds:

Number of platforms 0

ICD loader properties
ICD loader Name OpenCL ICD Loader
ICD loader Vendor OCL Icd free software
ICD loader Version 2.3.2
ICD loader Profile OpenCL 3.0

However, Darktable isn’t letting me check the OpenCL box.

Anyone has a “newbie” style guide to getting this running?

I would rather keep things on Fedora, but, if you have a guide for another distro, I would be open to using a second distro that for “Radeon 700M” graphics that come onboard with the 7040… might force me to use one clean envrionment for this type of work. But, if you have info on how to spin it up on Fedora, it would keep things more simple.

Thanks for your time…

I dont think there is an opencl options for iGPU/APU in linux. ROCM might work but it is not supported or tested by the ROCM team.

Try sudo dnf install rocm-opencl , but it might might give you issues.

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If your Darktable is a Flatpak version it is most likely a permissions issue. I had the same problem. I downloaded a Flatpak permissions manager called Flatseal. Found Darktable and enabled Graphic accelleration. Restarted the computer, opened Darktable and OpenCL was available and running.

I’ve seen several posts on this and I also have this laptop, though I haven’t set it up yet, but I don’t think the embedded GPU/drivers combo is any good for openCL/darktable. Its heavily geared towards AI/ML workloads. I’ve only seen reports that it makes dt slower/crashes. YMMV.

@g-man thanks I will look into it…

@ I have been using the flatpak version: will experiment with flatseal…Did you get it to work with an IGPU or are you using a seperate graphics card.

@paperdigits thanks for the info: let me know if you get something working… loving the laptop otherwise, and the proceesor itself is a beast for a laptop processor: I kinda figure “why not”. Seeing it has the Radeon (and I have plenty RAM for this build…)

I do some playing around with these suggestions and report back.Thanks everyone.

@Gotflute I have a separate graphics card in a desktop computer that I use the most.
My laptop is a system 76 computer designed for linux. It has a built-in graphics card. I had the same issue there, followed the same process, no problems, dark table open CL now runs fine.

Any news on getting OpenCL working with Darktable (flatpak) on your Framework laptop?

@Dinobe : sorry I haven’t. I played with it for a bit, then, honestly, have been busy at work: most of what I have read shows that you have download part of Mesa, then stand on one foot while praying :slight_smile:

Honestly, the Ryzen in this new framework seems to do all of the edits I need rather quickly: I never feel like I am waiting for anything: part of that seems to be this processor, which is quite fast. I also use Ansel, which I find snappier on the UI side.

Even though I use some of the more computationally intensive modules, I think others here use masks and seperate their photos into much more complex things, which might necessitate more “horsepower” under the hood.

I do want to see if I can get it to work: I’ll play with it some more and report back… I want it to work more out of principle (if my laptop has onboard graphics, shouldn’t I be able to use it?) thanks for the reminder.