Open Science Free Software Award

Hi there,

Just to let you know about the creation of a (French) free software prize for open science :

G’MIC will participate (of course!) :slight_smile:

I don’t think we really have a chance, considering all the good open-source projects for science around, particularly all those machine learning libraries or toolkits.
But as Pierre Coubertin said, “L’important c’est de participer!”


There is an application to fill for participating. With Sébastien (dev of G’MIC-Qt), we’ll probably do it next week.
For this, we’d be interested by your use of G’MIC, for what purpose you use it, how often, and so on… Feel free to comment here to help us knowing the G’MIC users better :slight_smile:

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Bonne chance !

Or, as said in Brooklyn: “You don’t bet — you can’t win.”
I use G’MIC to write G’MIC tutorials, which seems a tad incestuous, though my intentions are merely self-referential.

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Only a tad? I can’t say I have seen those two words together…

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I use it for generative art purpose. My main goal is to try to convert as much PDN filters into G’MIC ones.

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Hi David,

I’m using g’mic as a prototyping and programming tool for image processing, especially segmentation and feature extraction. Images used are 2D, 3D, and 2D-t and 3D-t with spectral channels, hence I use it for 1-5D (vectors up to 3D multi-spectral temporal sequences) mostly for microscopical images in biology and medicine (5D by 4D slices!).
Several years ago I used mostly IDL and moved over to g’mic after IDL got a more military use touch and a little Mathematica and R.

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How many are there David? I have just been made aware of Scilab.
By the way - good luck!