Open source alternatives for Illustrator and Premiere

Does anyone know if there are open source alternatives for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere that can be used in a corporate environment?
At work, we’re facing problems sticking to Adobe, not only because of ramping prices, but also because Adobe’s sales model is becoming more and more difficult to comply with, especially for a government company like the one where I work for.
They also use Photoshop, but for that one I know the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

Not an exhaustive list, but Inkscape can be viewed as a FOSS equivalent to Illustrator, and Kdenlive an equivalent to Premiere.


Also for Premier: Olive, shortcut, flowblade

I think it’s “shotcut”.

Yes, you are right… Autocomplete from phone :frowning:


DaVinci Resolve provides an excellent free version of their NLE.

Inkscape is a love-hate relationship for me. The software is not bug free (on Windows at least) nor very user friendly at times, but it’s certainly the best FOSS option out there for vector drawing.

I’d suggest DaVinci Resolve for Première Pro and Inkscape for Illustrator.

The OP asked for open source alternatives, DaVinci Resolve is free but not open source.

Thank you all!
Now a strange request, considering I live in Brazil: does anybody know someone here (in Brazil) knowledgeable about these tools?
I’ve heard about Elias de Carvalho Silveira as someone who’s a designer and an advocate of open source. I’ve contacted him on Facebook but haven’t had any answer so far.
The idea is to have this person to do a lecture on how to move from closed to open source regarding those tools and how feasible is to do that move.
Maybe @patdavid knows someone, since he seem to have attended Rio 2017 Libre Graphics Meeting (not sure from where I get this idea, though), besides being a well related person.

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I think maybe @frd is in Brazil. Parts of Estudio Grunga, who do some outstanding video work are there too, I think.

Fair enough, but in the case of Resolve I would be interested to know from @gadolf why he would prefer open source over a free, industry leading and really nearly fully functional piece of software.

Why I prefer to influence going the open source path instead a free, closed one?
I could mention freedom but that is hard to justify in a corporate environment, so I have to think in terms of risk.
To me, a free and closed source solution increases the risk of dependence on a single player, be it in terms of a sudden lack of functionality, a security issue or even the sudden end of the product. You’re riding the market, and markets are increasingly unstable these days.
On the other hand, from that risk perspective, open source is about community and, to me, a striving community mitigates risks in a much better way than the market.


Do you know if kdenlive is stable enough in Windows?
We tried it last year, before Adobe came into play, but it had many issues then.

Hi, I don’t know if it’s very stable on Windows. I use it very lightly and for what I need it is stable enough. I use it mostly to assemble video clips, do some light color grading sometimes if needed, fade ins and fade outs… Nothing really stressful for kdenlive.

That’s pretty much what they use Premiere for.
But before they signed up Adobe, I tried to have them use kdenlive and, at that time, it was very unstable and freeze prone.
As far as I know, the Windows release is recent and probably still on alpha or beta, but if anyone has a different experience (in Windows), it would be nice to hear about.
EDIT: There seems to be a new player on open source video editing, Olive. But it’s definitly still on alpha, so it wouldn’t fit our needs for now.

Thanks for the ping @paperdigits,

@gadolf, we’ve used Inkscape heavily for the past 11 years in the studio. As well as other tools like Scribus, Gimp, Blender and Kdenlive. Unfortunately our website needs a facelift but you can check our latest design projects on Instagram.

As for Kdenlive on Windows it is still under development and not as stable as the linux version.

If you use Telegram you’ll find this floss video community in Portuguese: and of course the usual Kdenlive channel:



Many thanks for the feedback, @frd.

I’ll try to get in touch with you in private, since my need is very specific to my company.

Hi Rei!

Why Windows?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Why not? In a corporate environment, people are still used to Windows. It is easier to start transitioning to FLOSS apps than it is to go full Linux and friends.

Hi, @Claes, @afre nailed it.

At home, though, we’re all Linux, for all tastes: Ubuntu, Mint and MXLinux.

You know what? In this company I started to appreciate Windows. I think it’s a great OS and, most important in a corporate environment, highly configurable. I’m addicted to Group Policies, and I feel like God (or Rei) tweaking everyone’s set up at once, remotely from the server. From the administrator’s stand point, it’s reassuring, and I feel very confident that the environment is stable and secure.
Which doesn’t mean that I have completely discarded Linux: I implemented a couple of Linux virtual machines to run some specific tasks.
I know we can also do all this on Linux, of course, but I’m not neither brave nor powerful enough to lead the switch.