Open Source Hiero/Nuke Studio?


I’m curious whether anyone uses an open source version of Hiero or Nuke Studio? I’d love for it to work pretty much the same in terms of features just without the price tag? I’ve not seen anything remotely similar and with Natron because open source Nuke I thought there may be people working on this or know of something that already exists.


Personally I use DJV as a basic Hiero replacement.

For NLE stuff Olive seems to be a good choice (?), other options exists (kdenlive etc).

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Ahh I should have been more clear in my question. I’m really looking specifically to replace the export functionality in hiero. As far as I’m aware theres no other software that has that built in.

what exactly is the Hiero export functionality? I never used it. What features are you missing?
I really like Olive and I donate to this project every month.


thanks for sharing

Hiero export is a broad topic, since there are exports that are ‘dailies’ and there are exports that are ‘interchange’. Hiero exports all sorts of stuff from EDL/OTIO timeline metadata to dailies (sequence)…
If you want something that you can use for transcoding your plates, then I recommend Shutter Encoder.
I used to use DJV but recently it has had no good updates, specifically to the color management side. OCIOv2 support is lacking and none of my production configs work in DJV.
I have been trying mrv2 however the color management seems to be just as bad. I have tried RV and its a piece of shit. Meanwhile xStudio is just way too slow in development
As for footage review, I’m still looking for a good solution. For transcoding, Shutter Encoder is the best that I’ve found so far.

Darby’s focus is on GitHub - darbyjohnston/tlRender: tlRender is an open source library for building playback and review applications for visual effects, film, and animation., so someone “just” needs to make an UI :slight_smile:

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My issue with most review tools is the lack of proper color management. I have my custom Frankenstein OCIO configs and LUTs. Almost no free/libre review tool supports OCIOv2 configs properly. DJV just throws errors, MrV2 loads the configs but only shows me the linear version regardless of the OCIO settings.
Tools that have proper color management (like RV, CineSync) are shit in almost every other regard as playback tools. They are the best tools if you’re the person who’s job is nothing other than to sit on a laptop drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, and draw red circles and arrows on dailies.
I always find myself using Natron for doing footage review more than actual compositing just because of good OCIO support.

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A review tool without proper color management is pointless, I assumed they all worked flawlessly with OIIO(v2).

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OIIOv2 is one thing, OCIOv2 is another. All review apps I know work well with OIIOv2, but OCIOv2 support is lacking mostly in F/LOSS apps. None of my OCIOv2 configs work properly in DJV and MrV2. RV and CineSync have good OCIO integration… RV sucks because Autodesk and CineSync is just the MsPaint of review tools. DJV worked flawlessly with OCIOv1 configs. Just needs to be updated to properly support OCIOv2 and it’ll become my choice once more.

I of course meant OCIO, a typo on my part :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t be that hard, someone will probably fix it(?).

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Ah happens :smile:… Also yes I hope it will get updated soon. Apart from this issue, I have absolutely no issues with DJV and have used it for years in production.

i am the author of mrv2. Can you discuss with me privately at your OCIOv2 configs and why the don’t work? If you could provide screenshots of how they should look and how mrv2 displays them.

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Hello. I have sent you an email explaining the issue I’m facing. Please do take a look at it. Although I have tried my best to explain it as I’m experiencing it and with a lot of screenshots, feel free to ask for more clarifications if necessary.

I have provided you (privately) with a new version of mrv2 for you to try. Please report if it does not fix your issues. If it does, I’ll make a new release probably next week.

Also, if you find further bugs with mrv2, please make sure to report them at:


I have received your email and have recently tried the new version. I’m happy to report that it now works properly. Thank you for fixing it so fast and for sharing a pre-release copy.
I have replied to the email with a feature request that is related to the same topic, since I’m unable to access GitHub due to login issues. Please do take a look at it and let me know your thoughts about it.
Thank you once again.

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I have now released mrv2 v0.7.5 both on github and sourceforge. It contains the OCIO2 bug fix for some custom configs, adds an option to ignore the active views and active displays.

It also comes with goodies to Edit and improvements to the Playlist functionality. In addition to that, there’s over 30 bug fixes, including the Windows bad redraw issues when the application wa s minimized.

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