Open Source Hiero/Nuke Studio?


I’m curious whether anyone uses an open source version of Hiero or Nuke Studio? I’d love for it to work pretty much the same in terms of features just without the price tag? I’ve not seen anything remotely similar and with Natron because open source Nuke I thought there may be people working on this or know of something that already exists.


Personally I use DJV as a basic Hiero replacement.

For NLE stuff Olive seems to be a good choice (?), other options exists (kdenlive etc).

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Ahh I should have been more clear in my question. I’m really looking specifically to replace the export functionality in hiero. As far as I’m aware theres no other software that has that built in.

what exactly is the Hiero export functionality? I never used it. What features are you missing?
I really like Olive and I donate to this project every month.


thanks for sharing