OpenCL initializing problem in Darktable with Intel card (Ubuntu)


I just upgraded to Darktable 4.6.0 and am suddenly getting an error message on startup:

OpenCL initializing problem:
Platform detection failed, some possible causes:

  • OpenCL ICD (ocl-icd) missing
  • previous OpenCL errors leading to blocked devices
  • Power management problems
  • buggy drivers
  • no OpenCL driver installed.

I am on a Dell XPS13 with an Intel Core i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz × 4 processor and a Mesa Intel HD Graphics 620 (KBL GT2) graphics card running Ubuntu 22.04.

Can anyone advise me on what to do?

Thanks so much.

What’s the output of darktbale-cltest?

I can’t run that command - I’m on the Snap version of Darktable

Then I’m not sure how to help. The snap environment needs access to the GPU. I don’t know much about snap.

Searching here might already help, the subject has come up a few times (often enough that I decided to stay away from snap…).

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Also using Ubuntu 22.04. I completely banned snap (and also flatpack, AppImage …) from my system, had nothing but trouble with them.

It’s an old article but explains why Intel 520 (and other Intel stuff) is not supported.

I own DELL Inspiron 13" (7000 series, 2-in-1) with Intel 620 graphics. OpenCL is not running under Windows 10.

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Many thanks to everyone!

Thanks for the report. I’m looking at the 5290 2-in-1 with 620 as well and found you when searching for that.

I can’t compute the linked article (which is from 2012, the update isn’t timestamped) nor all the comments in its tail.

My previous ref. was so I hadn’t considered DT implementations.

Need to ponder how important GPU perf. is then. If so it’s looking like 15.6" laptops instead of more portable ones - or a portable plus a desktop box of sorts.

For me it’s important to have O-CL running. For several weeks now I’m w/o O-CL on my Linux-Box (Garuda Linux, current kernel and dt 4.6.1 don’t like each other any more). I have no knowledge how to fix this. But, that’s an other story.

My DELL notebook ist currently with me (easter holidays) and I use it for backup purpose and a quick culling of daily captures. Because of lack of O-CL I only use lens correction module to get some colors from the RAW files. That’s quick enough.

Go for a box with proper O-CL installation.

Current Intel CPUs mostly have their GPU supported with opencl in darktable. My 5y old 8GB X1 lenovo works fine on linux, OpenCL is not very fast but ok.

OK, I’ll try to get DT out of the Chrome OS container and onto the metal, maybe the UHD 605 (OpenCL 1.2) will beef it up then. It’s not unusable as it is but worth a try.

Is there a ref. list somewhere? Or general recommendations towards CPU series and generations?

I can’t tell from reading this forum or darktable 4.6 user manual - opencl which of the UHD/Iris/Xe are confirmed DT compatible.

If it can be squeezed in on an older UHD I’d save about €300 on a used/refurbed laptop. Preferably Linux, Windows if needed, macOS no-go.

Intel 620 supports OpenCL just fine on Windows.

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