OpenCL which graphics card?

I have a linux box recently made from parts, from
AMD 2700 cpu (I think…it’s been six months or so since I built it)
32gig ram
ssd drive for / linux
/home mounted on a separate disk, so I can change distributions a lot.
Mint linux tessa right now but that changes frequently

cheap graphics card I need to upgrade

I generically know I should buy a graphics card with at least 8gig onboard memory.

I want to do what ever I need to get OpenCl up and running for Darktable.
I know I might need to download some drivers and fight through DIY tutorials on youtube.

But what about particular hardware? Are there any better suited for OpenCL/Darktable–on Linux–than others? Any graphics cards to avoid?
My price range is $600. Or thereabouts.

Nvidia is easier to run, but you’ll be running the proprietary driver.

AMD is more Foss friendly, but you need to do some research about hardware compatibility.

$600 will buy you a really nice video card though :slight_smile:

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Interesting. I don’t mind the proprietary driver. I have thousands of dollars invested in hardware, including cameras and lenses. I love FOSS (heavenly father thank you vi, Apache, Python and Darktable) but I also love ZereneStacker, and my VueScan scanner software (xsane runs my scanner in flatbed mode but not as a slide scanner). I’m easy. I like to have what I want.

depending on where you live and what $ you mean i think 600 puts you right in the middle of RTX 2070 Super and RTX 2080 Super… both will make darktable run CPU bound for a long time.

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$300 buys you a 8GB AMD Radeon card which works just fine. Installing the driver is just adding a repository to your package manager and install the opencl package.

Also for us developers it is easy to open a bug report on github for AMD and they will fix it.


I recently bought an 8gb AMD RADEON RX 580. Quite a significant performance increase for opencl in darktable

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Radeon rx 580

Cool. Thank you. I ordered one a few days ago. Should arrive next day or two. I’m looking forward to it.

@pittendrigh, I used the benchmark results found at before buying my GTX 1060 while ago.
You will probably find newer models, either Nvidia or AMD, nowadays.

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