OpenFX - OpenGL Natron and Resolve



I’m developing an OpenFX Plugin which need to use the OpenGL texture ID from the host programm.

In Natron, it works fine. I’m able to fetch the OpenGL texture inside a class, which inheritance the class ImageEffect.
I’m able to receive the texture and get all the informations that I need.
Also I had build the Test-Plugin from OpenFX-misc which is able to render OpenGL and it works fine as well.

With the same setup, it doesn’t work on Resolve. Resolve looks a bit more restrictive.
If i try to run Resolve with openGLEnabled, it response with false, so i got no permission to receive the openGL texture.
If I get it right, the Test Plugin will do an off-screen rendering with a selfmade fbo.

I remeber that I used the Test-OpenGL Plugin half a year ago with resolve and it worked fine, but I’m not able to reproduce it.
Does anyone got an idea how to receive the openGL Texture ID from Resolve?

Thanks a lot


(Mica) #2

You’re probably way better off asking this in a Resolve forum, they have paid staff yo help with this kind of thing.

Resolve maybe free as in beer, but lacks the all important free as in speech aspect.