OpenGL and GPU Rendering Issue


I’m having an issue with OpenGL and GPU Rendering

Only Shadertoy node has support for OpenGL and GPU Rendering, while the rest of the nodes does not.

Captura de tela de 2022-08-27 16-19-52

I tried to set No. of OpenGL Contexts to 999 (Edit>Preferences>GPU Rendering), but still not working.

I also tried to disable OpenGL

Render Info (Shadertoy node)

I think is not a driver issue 'cause GPU Rendering is working fine on Olive 0.2.
If it’s a driver issue, how can I change it?

Tested Distros:
Debian 11
Ubuntu Studio 22.04 LTS

Looks correct to me. Most OpenFX nodes uses the CPU.

See for additional nodes.

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Tks!!! I didn’t knew that most OpenFX nodes uses CPU.

But is there any chance for to use a read node with GPU?

No, sorry. The read nodes are CPU-only.