OpenInExplorer plugin - now available

I have created a new, simple plug in that allows Windows users to select a file, or files, and have Explorer windows open on that image’s directory, with the specific file highlighted.

Find it here:

Hope others find this useful.


Excellent ! It allows to open easily (Open with) the file(s) with whatever application (gimp, photoflow, …).
Suggestion: why not to move the command Go to Folder into selected image[s] widget ? (if possible, … to save screen room)
Edit: except that explorer Open with doesn’t appear with multiple files selected …
Edit2: OpenInExplorer opens a window for every image selected. This would not be convenient to open hugin for example. On the other hand explorer.exe seems to unable to open with multiple files selected at a time.

If you are wanting a script that can be re-purposed in the manner you are discussing I would recomend my Open in PS script instead. It has both “open in” and “Export to” capabilities. It was intended for Photoshop, but you could point to any .exe you like to. Additionally, in that script all the files are strung together into a single command call so selecting multiple and sending to hugin would work in that case.

Perhaps you should change your script in a way to open the images in any application. Just add a preference for the name and the path to the application to open.

Thanks. I’ll look at it.

Is there, amongst the lua functions, any way to interact with the user, like asking a question or for a choice ?

No, exept you start an external application.

Yes, an excellent starting point for opening images in whatever application.
Thanks for sharing.

I do! Very often I end up copy/pasting a photo’s path.

I made a minor update to this plugin. The latest version does require you to have the latest official lua-scripts package as well.

Plug in

get the latest lua scripts here

@Tobias a pull request has been made to get this script in to the master lua scripts repo.

@phweyland per your suggestion in the near future I’ll be making a quick edit to this to move the Open In Explorer button to the selected images widget.

In regards to the comments above, in case I was not clear: This script is intended only to open selected files in explorer. Each selected file will open a new explorer window with the image highlighted/selected.

If you are looking for a script to send files to an external application please refer to my OpenInPS script which can be easily assigned to any program: