Opening Display (Dashboard) Menu Font Label Color/Contrast

Hi GIMP developers. Love what you do and the useful tool you’ve created for us. I’m not a web designer or graphic artist or anything of the sort, but just someone who uses your site to manipulate some newsletter graphics. I’ve just updated my installation to 2.10.34 and have an issue with how the software opens up. I’ll admit that I’m completely baffled by the selection of a black font on a dark gray background for the File, Edit, Select… menu pulldowns. Is there any reason why those are not light gray or white to make them easily legible against the background gray? Sadly, the same holds true for the legends in the pulldown menus themselves. Here’s a screen capture. With any glare on the screen, legibility is compromised even further.

Again, thanks for all you do for us!

See Edit > Preferences > Interface > Theme and Edit > Preferences > Interface > Icon Theme and take your pick.

Otherwise it’s called “Dark mode” and is pretty much in fashion. And although I despise it in code editors, it somehow makes sense when you deal with photography.