Opening DNG files on my smartphone

Hi, might be a silly question, but I recently installed GIMP on to my smartphone, and it works fine, exept I cannot use my dng RAW-photos.
It gave 2 options, but all are not for smartphone.
Any idea how to fix this? I don’t own a pc or laptop.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Vogeltje, and welcome!

Would that be an Android? If so, would this help? 3 Ways to Convert RAW Files to JPEG on Android – Better Tech Tips

Claes in Lund, Zweden

Hi, welcome!
I’m sorry I don’t have much info about Gimp on Android. This thread is mostly about G’mic scripts and G’mic-qt filters.

I think Android Gimp is just a straight port of the original (…?) so some functions may not work at all.
Maybe you could ask this question in this part of the forum : Gimp

@Vogeltje Welcome to the forum! I created a new thread for you in the GIMP category. Hope you find the assistance that you need.

I’m pretty sure that GIMP relies on external helpers to load DNG on Linux machines, so would not be surprised if it can’t directly open DNG on Android.

I’m shocked that such a thing exists, GIMP’s UI is definitively NOT touchscreen optimized…