OpenMP for graphicsmagick filters

During LGM @CarVac helped me understand how I can use OpenMP to accelerate filter performance.

Soon I will be working on this as a priority but only for certain filters. The logic is to split images into segments according to the number of threads and join the image after. This works for some filters that apply a large effect to every pixel but not filters that expect a whole image to be passed in.

Feel free to drop in any openMP with Graphicsmagick advice or comments!

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@CarVac - I have this merged now. Some filters work in OpenMP and some don’t. So its a hybrid of single thread and multi threaded performance for now. (which is still vastly better than before)

Hopefully I can figure out why some filters produce strange artifacts with OpenMP. I do know some do not work properly because they expect the whole image passed in rather than a segment of it.

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