Opinions - Running darktable for Linux using VMware Workstation or Remotely via X Server

I am starting to integrate darktable into my primary raw editing workflow, which is currently performed using Windows 10. My other Windows-based software includes several programs from Topaz and Serif Affinity products, so I am not likely to move to a Linux-based workflow.

From my use of darktable on both Pop!_OS Linux and Windows 10, I prefer the Linux build and am wondering if there are any known issues that I might run into if I use darktable through a Linux VMware Workstation guest running on a Windows 10 host. I use VMware Workstation Pro version 16, which has support for DirectX 11 and 3D graphics. As an alternative, I assume I could run darktable on a dedicated Linux system and use an X server software to display it on my Windows 10 system. Do you think either of these approaches are practical, or should I just stick with the native Windows version?

Better to have as little abstraction as possible. Whatever you do, make sure the colour management (and related matters) is working properly.

I’d guess that color management on vmware is bad-to-non-existant. I’d guess the same for an xserver on windows.

My understanding is that a VMware Workstation guest can be calibrated using a USB device such as a Color Munki. I am not sure how color management is handled with an X server.