Option for non-recursive folders view?

(David) #1

Hi. Using Collect Images -> folders it will show thumbnails from not only the selected folder but also it’s sub-folders. Is there a way to make it non-recursive?

My storage is set up in folders by year, with sub-folders for events, like:

For organization, I dump everything into the current year. Then sort it from within DT into sub-folders. However it’s a bit difficult to keep track of what has already been sorted when the moved photos still appear alongside the photos in the base folder.

I could change my workflow. Maybe have something like 2018-incoming as a sub-folder to dump everything in. But I thought there might be an option somewhere I’ve overlooked.

Thanks. -David
DK 2.4.2 on kubuntu 18.10


When you import a folder, for example, “Folder A” it should create a film roll called “Folder A” which only contains the files in “Folder A” even if it has subfolders. When you move a file to somewhere else it will remove it from the film roll “Folder A”. Have you tried using the film roll for your initial sorting?

(David) #3

Yes! Thank you.
(I’m just getting started with darktable and must have missed this section in the manual.)

Appreciatively, David