Option for non-recursive folders view?

Hi. Using Collect Images -> folders it will show thumbnails from not only the selected folder but also it’s sub-folders. Is there a way to make it non-recursive?

My storage is set up in folders by year, with sub-folders for events, like:

For organization, I dump everything into the current year. Then sort it from within DT into sub-folders. However it’s a bit difficult to keep track of what has already been sorted when the moved photos still appear alongside the photos in the base folder.

I could change my workflow. Maybe have something like 2018-incoming as a sub-folder to dump everything in. But I thought there might be an option somewhere I’ve overlooked.

Thanks. -David
DK 2.4.2 on kubuntu 18.10

When you import a folder, for example, “Folder A” it should create a film roll called “Folder A” which only contains the files in “Folder A” even if it has subfolders. When you move a file to somewhere else it will remove it from the film roll “Folder A”. Have you tried using the film roll for your initial sorting?

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Yes! Thank you.
(I’m just getting started with darktable and must have missed this section in the manual.)

Appreciatively, David


This should be an option in the folders view to display only selected folder without subfolders. I have subfolders with the same name by camera and if I go to filmroll view, they all look the same and I don’t know which one to select. I like to work with the folders view. But it constantly collapses all folders from time to time and I can’t see only the folder without the subfolders.

Without a doubt, darktable is a complex collection of modules. I have worked with this software for many years now and still find it a challenge so I clearly understand the volume of questions that are arising from the users of the newly added operating systems.
The best investment that one can make in the darktable learning process is to get the full manual printed at the local copy shop and to have it sitting alongside your keyboard. It may sound old fashioned but the manual is truly better than any on-line video that is available.


I’ve changed the option “number of folder levels to show in lists” to 2, but it didn’t change anything and film rolls names were unchanged… I’ve tried again now restarting darktable after changing the setting and it works! Now I can see the parent folder in the name of the filmroll. This will definitively help to be able to work with film rolls for me. :slight_smile:

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Old thread but still actual. Small but usable setting that I just discovered.
In 3.2.1 you can set:

Settings > Import > Import > “Recursive directory traversal when importing” to OFF

DT has one nice thing set as default and worth applying to workflow - keeping processed JPGs in subfolders of RAW folder.

BUT. This has noticeable influence on DT workflow. It will be unconvenient if you view/sort/database/search your photos in DT, because it will not see exported files until you “import” these processed subfolders as separate filmrolls.

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