OSC_prepro. FITS header error

New user struggling. OSC_preprocessing script fails apparently because FITS header doesn’t start with SIMPLE. But SIMPLE is T(rue)in all the files.

If SiriL is looking for lights in the process folder, however, what it finds is the alias which is not a FITS file and SiriL, of course, doesn’t find a FITS header.

How can I make SiriL look in the lights folder instead of the process folder?

27" 3.8Ghz iMac 2020 with 64Gb RAM running macOS 11.6


sorry for the late reply, your post got unnoticed as we mainly monitor this section of the forum:

The error is not related to looking for lights in the process folder. Siril can follow symlinks without any problem. It is more related to the structure of your fits file header. Which software did you use for the capture? Could you share one of those?