Ouch! Not what I expected...

I have been playing with a lot of printer profiles as well as different printer drivers lately.
Presently, I am investigating Turboprint, which seems to behave quite nicely – until
I switched to premium glossy paper (trying to catch some sheer nuances):

Sigh. Back to the experimental stage again, next time trying much lower resolution :frowning:

Have fun!
(Believe it or not, but I am enjoying this!)
Claes in Lund, Sweden

I sure hope you’re documenting your printing adventures somewhere, in case I ever get a printer :wink:

Much more adventurous than me… I generated a few profiles, set everything to AdobeRBG and just do that… :wink:

Who needs post-processing and image editors when you can do glitch art with the printer! I fondly remember doing art with the family dot matrix printer :slight_smile:.