Out of the gamut colors warning for system display?


Is there a way to check if during my processing colors are out of display’s gamut?

When working on wide gamut display and exporting to sRBG it may not be a huge problem but I guess that not all of us work on the wide gamut displays. Popular displays aren’t even covering sRGB so what such user sees may differ from what will be visible on better display and/or print.

I used to copy icc file to darktable/color/out and simply check the gamut warning but I’m not sure if this is a good solution.

Any other ideas? Maybe there is already something like this in darktable which I’m unaware of?

(Mica) #2

Use the softproof feature with your monitor ICC is the way to check. But really you should be checking against at least sRGB.


This is the way I do. But some displays aren’t even sRGB. You can be within sRGB and still be out of the display’s gamut.
It’s even worse if you print (outside). You need to check if image is in paper/printer gamut (print), sRGB/aRGB gamut (jpg) and display gamut :slight_smile:

It would be handy if in gamut check warning one could select ‘system display profile’ which, as I understand, dt obtains automatically.