output color profile & export modules to print

I’m a little confused about the output- and export- profile modules.

darkroom: “output color profile,” default = sRGB (web safe).
lightable: “export” profile, default = image settings.

I assume that if I leave the two defaults in place the exported photo will be sRGB whether exported as a JPEG or a TIFF.

However, what if I leave the output color profile as sRGB, and when I export, I choose an uncompressed TIFF, high quality resampling, and linear Rec2020 RGB. Will the export module settings override the output color profile settings?

Or would it be better to set the output color profile to linear Rec2020 RGB and leave the export module in its default state of image settings?

The dt 3.8 user manual says: “The output color profile. Select “image settings” if you want the settings in the output color profile module of the individual images to be respected.”

I process my photos on a Linux box but print them at work on a Mac with Photoshop to a 44" Epson SureColor P9000 printer.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Set the export module to Adobe RGB and make sure the printer is set to expect Adobe RGB as well. Let the Epson handle the color from there.