Output file of write node does not match the result on the viewer.

I am trying to make a water animation using the seNoise and IDistort, using the roto node I selected the area I wanted to animated and everything looked fine on the viewer but when I render the comp using the write node the output file looks nothing like the result I had on the viewer, for almost two weeks now I’ve tried everything I know to no avail.
Please if anybody could give any help it’d be very very much appreciated!!
water_reflection.ntp (109.8 KB)

By the way, I do realize that the Merge node in that file I uploaded is useless in that context I just forgot to delete it.

Classical issue where the output has alpha != 1. Answered in Animated .jpg to .mp4 video - #10 by Natronator

I’m sorry but it didn’t work, when I set the IDistort alpha to 1 the noise doesn’t show at all, the only thing that’s showing is the distortion. here is a video showing what I mean.
2022-01-07 02-42-34.mkv (4.3 MB)
This is the exact issue I had before with the exported files before where the noise didn’t show as it did on the viewer which gives the rippling effect to water.
I’m sorry for wasting your time, I know your time is valuable, I really appreciate your help, thanks a lot.