Output Jpeg darker than in-app preview

Brand new to raw processing, so I might be missing something obvious.

I’ll get an image looking how I want, but when I save to jpeg the saved image seems darker and with more contrast. I uploaded both the raw and the jpeg as well as a screenshot of both of them side by side so you can easily see the difference.

How can I make the output look more like how I edited it? Thank you!


What is your setting for the output color profile?

It’s the drop-down under Color Management in the Color tab I’m looking for, right?

It’s set to RTv4_sRGB

I would say the jpg output is not darker, that Windows Photo Viewer is displaying it poorly.
I opened the arw and the jpg both in RT and took screenshots then compared both in the same photo viewer and took a screenshot of that. The jpg is crisper, not darker.

welcome @Chance_Morphew

I tried to reproduce the issue.
system : windows10 and RT5.6

  • I use your .ARW and your PP3
  • save the jpeg
  • screen capture with RT preview and jpg viewed witha color managed viewer

left: jpg, right RT preview

I definitely not recommend to use windows photo viewer.

You can use xnviewMP which is free but not FOSS or DIGIKAM which is FOSS.

Thanks for the help everyone! It appears that Windows Photo Viewer is the problem. I took for granted that it could display images accurately, but guess that’s not the case. Even just dragging the image into a Chrome window displays the hues a lot more like I wanted them to be.