output to SER files in scripts or pySiril ?

I found that when scripting Siril there is no documented way to create SER files, only FITS files or FITS sequences. Is this intentional. Its not a big problem, I was just wondering since I have been using SER sequences for a long time because they are fast.

Indeed, we seem to have forgotten the SER output in the preprocess command. It exists in the convert command however. I don’t know about pySiril.

Yep, indeed we could have added the option when solving #549.
@p088gll, just to be clear on the use case, what is the format you have as input (fits, ser?).
Regarding pysiril, it directly wraps the existing commands. So anything you can’t do with options in commands cannot be done with Pysiril (it can do many other things though!)