Overcooked? Mount Tibrogargan

It was fairly early, but already a little hazy. A view that to me seemed stunning did not seem to be well reproduced. The tops of two the Glasshouse Mountains, the more prominent being Tibrogargen, fade almost from view. My question: have I overcooked the cake?

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2022-12-19 _09-22-15.38__DSC1015.NEF (20.9 MB)

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Preference I suppose, particularly with the distant haze, but what I do notice is normalising the individual channels helps with this one (so perhaps issues with black/white point?).


No, I woiuldn’t call it overcooked.

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IMHO there is too much foreground in the image if the two peaks were the main subject. But it looks natural, not overcooked

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My opinion is no, not overcooked, except maybe that to me there’s a slight halo around the foreground hill in front of the more distant hill. I realized though that if I view it at full screen it’s less noticable… so I’m nitpicking :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Nice view! Never been to Queensland…

I think I may have overcooked it now…

2022-12-19 _09-22-15.38__DSC1015(1).NEF.xmp (12.3 KB)

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Nice image. In GIMP I have tried to reduce the haze by increasing local contrast in various regions.


My attempt:

2022-12-19 _09-22-15.38__DSC1015.NEF.xmp (85,8 KB)


My try in RT

My attempt - GIMP_CCR_GMIC


Thanks to all who responded … @Zybma72age I particularly like yours - the colours seem more quintessentially Australian to me. Would you mind sharing the exact processing steps you used?

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Just for giggles… I don’t think I’ve improved on it above anyone else, but here it is. All done in ART 1.18.1, except for dust spot clean up, resize and JPG export in Affinity Photo. Quite a few dust spots. LOL

I tried to get rid of the haze / blue as much as I could without going overboard. It was a challenge. :slight_smile: I also cropped a bit to try and make it a little more concise / graphical, plus add a little more visibility to the distant peaks. The green in front was a balancing act to keep natural and normally detailed but not crunchy. Not sure if I succeeded.

2022-12-19 _09-22-15.38__DSC1015.NEF.arp (12.1 KB)

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I tried a little crop in order to focus on the tops of the mountains in the background.


Thanks, @Dicky … I like it! Together with the frame, the change to portrait orientation does achieve that very well. I’m just a little distracted by the texturing in the sky. I don’t recall it being a noisy frame, and I think it was shot at base ISO for my camera. Did you add texture/grain?

I am still too much of a newbie to know how to add grain or whatever. Here is a copy of my workflow. Hope this answers your question.

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Thanks, Dicky … I was surprised looking at your workflow …hint: attaching the small .xmp sidecar is also possible, and this not only allows others to see the modules you used but the exact settings.

Mea culpa - I went back and examined the original - it was shot at 160 ISO, i.e. not base ISO. And thus there was some noise, which my auto application of noise-reduction suppressed.

Grain is added in the module very helpfully titled “grain” :wink: It’s fairly simple and playing with the sliders is straightforward. I seldom use it, but old-school monochrome pics frequently benefit from it, from what I’ve seen.

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My version…

2022-12-19 _09-22-15.38__DSC1015.NEF.xmp (24.3 KB)

Thank you. I started to add my …xmp file but didn’t know if anyone would want to see it. Next time I will ‘try’ and add it with my picture that I upload. I came to the digital/computer world late in life and being 72 years old it is very hard to catch up. Just when I think I know how to use modern technology it becomes obsolete and I get passed again.

Thank you for your response.

In the Play Raw category it is often (though not always) the practice to share the processing detail - but it varies by software … darktable produces a .xmp, ART an .arp, vkdt a .cfg, and some like G’MIC or gimp are beyond my ken. There are some such in this thread, and a whole lot in Grouper eating a window, although in that one I didn’t share my .xmp deliberately, but was definitely interested in @123sg managing to do a 50 second edit in darktable that came close to replicating the results I was very pleased with in a similar time frame from vkdt.

Don’t be shy about sharing … the wonderful thing about this community is that we recognise each others’ differences and respect them. Occasionally some users may need reminding, but most of us are busy with jobs, family, and other commitments; and have a hobby/pursuit/passion called photography, and frequently passion about opensource, or a particular operating system, or technology in general. Gear Acquisition Syndrome and Distro-Hopping are common addictive behaviours here :wink: and knowledge/advice on hardware (both of the photographic and computer kind) is much shared.